Knaves: My god..

Knaves… Sheffield, again.


OK, there seems to be a running joke between myself and a very close friend. That when I say ‘I’ve found a new band’ her response straight away is ‘Are they from Sheffield?’It has come from the amount of bands that contact me, mostly Sheffield based. This band are no different. I’ve come to love Sheffield, but it’s 10 years since I’ve been there, and it was only once, Gatecrasher back in my house music days. Anyway, Knaves followed me on twitter and for those who know me, that is my main source of new findings. Again, I didn’t listen straight away, but when I did I was instantly hooked.

I’m always looking for that guitar riff or vocals that command my attention.That it snaps my head up from whatever I’m doing at the time I hit play. Makes me stop, like Simon Cowell when a hot chick walks into a Audition for X Factor, a program I refused to watch anymore but that’s another story. If I Stop what I’m doing and listen, you’ve captured my attention. If I hit replay, you’ve cracked it.

Their EP: Suncatcher not only grabbed my attention but made me want to get up and dance. Now, you’re really talking, if you can make me dance that is massive bonus points. This EP is upbeat, sharp and Indie/Alternative at it’s best. Another thing I want music to do is make me smile and this band certainly do that. Funny, the lyrics are essentially about relationships good and bad. They have a way of making you smile despite that. Like, life can be crap but actually I will just stick this EP on and dance my troubles away.

Which song do I like the best? At first ‘Roxy’ and then I listen more and ALL of them. But, Stalemate really caught me, as a writer, music plays a big part in the process of creating stories and Stalemate is perfect for my two main characters. I have put a soundtrack together for my first novel and Stalemate had to be in it. So, thank you Knaves for agreeing to it. This band tick every box on my music blogger list and I’m officially a fan.

If you want to Smile, dance and get drunk with you mates to decent uplifting music. Here I provide you with just that. Knaves people, I give you Knaves.

Thank you for gracing my ears. I was listening while writing this blog..

‘If only I could move my feet.
I’d move it, so I’m stood right by her side’
My mind just can’t accept defeat

Sorry if I got any lyrics wrong, that’s what I hear. So. enough of my ramblings, it’s time for you to listen to this AMAZING Band.

You can thank me later..

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