Robb Murphy: Album Review ‘Sleep Tonight’


I was very pleased to receive an email from a lady who works with Robb, asking if I would consider reviewing his Solo Album for its release March 20th. I was happy to do so. I’ve followed Robb after a Twitter friend, fellow music lover put him on my radar. Robb is a singer/songwriter from Belfast.

Robb has soft smooth sound and this is prominent throughout the album. He has the unique ability to transport his
listener into his musical world with a combination of stunning acoustics, sublime vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

I’ve listened a few times and I think this album has been made with pure passion and soul. How do I describe this sound? I can only compare it to walking into your house after a stressful day at work, freezing from the cold rain that’s bothered you the entire journey home. You put on those comfy clothes, make that hot tea or pour the wine (I’m going with the wine) and start-up that fire. You let the comfort of home surround you and nothing matters anymore. Add in a loved one to talk about your day and relax, ponder the way life is going and quickly decide that all is fine. That’s how I describe this album. A comforting friend. The vocals are strong but has a soft, soothing edge that just puts you at ease.

I think its beautiful and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to review this album. Here is a link to Robb’s Blog where he tells us the story of the making of this album, a 2 year project. It was written in Italy and its a great read.


I can’t pick a favorite song from this album but that will come in time after a few more listens, but I do really like ‘Stars’ The Album consists of 12 Tracks (Plus 2 bonus tracks) and if I had the time I would write a piece on all of them because they deserve it. Alas, Time is limited and I really want this post to ready in time for release. All I can do is recommend you pre-order here: and hear for yourselves. A beautiful mix of music, talent and hard work.


Well Done Robb!

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