EP Review: The Jackobins ‘Ghosts’


There is nothing better in life than receiving free music, reviewing is a mystery box sometimes. You just don’t know what you are going to get. I can say that this EP by this Liverpool band was the kind you pray for. I’ve fallen in love with their sound. I have heard of them, been on my radar for a while but now I’m annoyed at myself for not getting on board sooner. This 5 piece have been regarded as one of the best upcoming bands on the unsigned scene and I can see why. The vocals are what I like the most, clear, smooth and perfect. This bands sound is on point and for a band who only formed in 2013 they sound more like a band who have been around for longer.

I like every song on the EP, not one lets it down in any way. It could be a soundtrack to a movie or TV show, you know those moments where there’s a dramatic moment and in comes the music to impact the moment, this is it. I think ‘Ghosts’ is quite haunting to start with and I like that in music. I recommend this band and while listening to this for a few days I can see them on a festival stage, flags flying, beer flying and smiling faces.

Thank you The Jackobins for this delightful EP. My ears are thankful for it.