Single Review: Stillia ‘Let me in’





I came across this band a few years back and I was blown away by how good they were, and then by the fact that they were so young. They had a sound, even back then of an older band. They’ve grown up and become even better. They have a new single out Feb 3rd and I’ve been privileged to having a listen before its release.

I can say I have not been disappointed. ‘Let me in’ has the sound of experience, raw edge and everything I love. Guitar riffs that make my heart flutter and drums that make it pound. Vocals that wrap around me like a velvet blanket. Stillia have produced an absolute gem of a single. This blog post has taken a few days to write. I listen as I write and I kept hitting replay, which then distracted me. That is not a bad thing, just to point that out. If I don’t hit the replay button, you’ve lost me.

This St Helens band are on the way up and I’m enjoying watching their journey. I’m so pleased to have discovered them or they may have found me, I forget now. I do know that there is a lot more to come from this band and I suggest you get on the bus before you are left behind.

Let them into your playlist, you won’t be disappointed. A great band and from what I have experienced a great set of lads. They were kicking at the door of the music scene but that door is smashed to pieces and they are coming through it.

Good luck Stillia, you have a fan for life in me. This new single has become my favorite and I thank you.


“There’s no need to debate whether they are indie or pop, Stillia are a fresh and exciting new sound” Chris Hawkins (BBC 6Music)

“Absolutely loving this track, St Helen’s answer to the Strokes” Gordon Smart (Radio X ’Track Of The Week’)

“Saw them, loved them and got a CD of their album. Probably the best debut I have heard since The La’s. St. Helens now has Johnny Vegas and Stillia.”  Janice Long (BBC Radio 2



The Underground, Bradford – 28th Jan Jimmy’s,

Manchester – Feb 4th ‘Let Me In’ single launch (sold out)

Langtree Park, St. Helens – Feb 9th

Sound Control, Manchester – Feb 25th