Single Review: Becky Lawrence, That Guy.


Wow, just Wow!

Becky Lawrence has gifted us with a right belter of a single. I wasn’t expecting to nearly fall of my chair, it’s true that happened. I was thinking it was going to be a low key, country love song. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s start with a bang, straight in there with what she wants, THAT GUY. Becky has an incredible voice and it suits her country sound. Now, everyone knows I am more a guitar band kinda girl but I cannot stop listening to this tune. Maybe, I’ll get my cowboy boots on and start side-stepping because this song brings out a little country in me.

I can see this being good enough to be on the soundtrack for TV shows like Nashville.

Well Done Becky, this is a fantastic single. 11/10



You can also purchase a copy on ITunes,Google & Amazon

Here is a little interview that Becky kindly did for me:

1: What inspired you to get into music?

I’ve always been surrounded by music my whole life, mainly thanks to my parents. My dad got me head banging to AC/DC at the age of 3! I was always singing in the front room with my hairbrush so by the time I got to my teens I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue.

2: What the first song you wrote?

The first song I wrote was probably about 4 lines long when I was about 6 ha! But the first song that actually made it on a CD was ‘Watching Over You’ which is on my first EP ‘A Child’s Tears’ which I wrote for my late grandmother who I know watches over me.

3: Tell us about your new single, it’s very different from previous releases.

Yes it’s very different! This sound is definitely fresher and more current. I was watching a lot of Nashville at the time of writing it so it’s definitely inspired by Juliette Barnes and how sassy she is!

4: If you could perform with 3 artists of your choice, who would they be and why?

I love this question but I also dread it because there’s SO many incredible artists out there! I think if I had to pick 3 it would be Kate Bush because she is just incredible, Dolly Parton because, hello, she’s the queen of country! I also think I’d love to perform with someone completely different to my style of music, like Alice Cooper for example. Imagine that mash up?!

5: What are your goals for 2017?

My goals are to keep writing and to collaborate with other amazing singer/songwriters. A cheeky trip to Nashville would be awesome too!


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