Single Review: Shambolics, Chasing a Disaster.

Sham 2

Chasing a disaster is without a doubt Scottish band Shambolics best creation.  I didn’t think anything would beat Love Collides but how wrong I was. I took a few days before I finally had a chance to sit and listen to this new release but the wait was more than worth it.  I love how this band throws me back to old days, memories kick in from my teenage years but I’ll leave that back in the 90s.  Chasing a disaster doesn’t have the best story line but it’s cleverly created to have you on your feet and dancing. It has me smiling which is odd considering the lyrics if you listen to them closely. I was a little taken aback to find out they only formed in 2016, really? That convinces me they are going to be a band worth looking out for because they are charging forward, just take a look at some videos from their gigs. They are forming an army, I’ve signed up and if Chasing a disaster is anything to go by the future is bright for them.

Chasing a disaster has a divine psychedelic vibe that leaves you wanting more. A definite tune that will be ringing out in venues and festivals while the crowd sings loudly, clutching their beer while creating memories with friends.



I am looking forward to catching these lads at The Water Rats, London, Sept 23rd where I’ll be reviewing the gig. I can’t wait..


sham 3