Gig Review: Shambolics, The Water Rats, London.


Sham 1



The Water Rats


Sept 23rd, 2017


I took the train to London a two – hour journey in total to finally see Shambolics live. I had that same feeling I always get when I see a band I’ve blogged for; will it be as good as I hoped. After a slight delay waiting for my friend to arrive (work delays) and meeting another friend who had moved back to London just that morning, I checked into my hotel, quickly straightened my hair and headed to the venue. It was already busy and with 45 minutes to go we caught up over some well needed drinks. We chatted to many people who had also turned up for the Shambolics so we were not alone and it makes the night even better. My two friends had come along knowing nothing of the band, one had only heard one song and that was because it was on my playlist, Love collides. So, it would be a complete surprise to them but I was confident they’d love them as much as me.


The minutes ticked by and after a very brief conversation with Jordon who I assumed was on his way to get ready they took to the stage. The second they began the crowd were already dancing and jumping about; my foot was assaulted several times by the same guy, who also poured a pint over me by knocking it out of another guys hand. The victim was not amused and I wasn’t either, security came over but all was OK in the end. This was on the second song, this was my introduction to a Shambolics gig. Luckily, I’m well trained at this and it is of no shock to me. I carried on regardless, I was here for the band and if you don’t get at least a bit of beer on you, did you even go to a gig?

I absolutely loved the Shambolics who had so much stage presence, confidence oozed from them. It wouldn’t be unfair to assume they have been going for longer than a year. They clearly love what they do and on a stage is where they are meant to be. My friends were dancing from the start, and I was right in my assumption. While I knew most of the songs there were a few I didn’t which was a bonus. I have no doubt this band will go far and I would recommend people get to a gig while you can see them in small venues. They are dreamy rock and roll in sound, and they have the look to go with it and the music world needs more of this.

It was lovely to catch up with them afterwards before they headed off, it’s always nice to chat in person instead of a social media profile. They were lovely to speak to and I wish them nothing but the success they deserve.