Saytr Play – Don’t go East


Saytr Play have released their second single Don’t go East, this follows their debut single Mothers love. I fell in love with this band after hearing Mother’s Love and are now one of my VIP Bands.
I was excited to hear what they came up with next. I am happy to say I wasn’t disappointed, while Mothers love will always be a very special song for me, Don’t go East comes very close. What I love about this band is that no matter what they are singing about you still want to get up and dance. This song is no different with funky riffs and vocals that are smooth as honey. I’m listening as I write this post and I’m struggling to keep still, oh and I’ve hit repeat a few times, and it’s like wine, gets better and better.
Great song & Fred their singer who I’ve dealt with regarding my blog is a lovely guy.
Keep up the good work guys, a fan for life! My next goal is getting to see them live in 2018.